samantha's one.

so samantha, my niece, turned 1 as per april 24th. i can't believe it has been a year that sammie came into the world and cherishes us with her smiles and gets us frustrated when she cried (well at least she gets me frustrated hahaha) she can already crawl and she is now learning to walk although we have to hold her hands but i think she will be able to do it in a month or two.

we celebrated sammie's first birthday last Sunday (yes, i had geography and civics on monday) at Hotel Mahakam. i really loveeee the brunch buffet in mahakam because we can eat everythaang (i mean some hotels have food that are completely weird and unimaginable, and while sometimes it's good to try something new, it's probably best to stay with comfort food too sometimes). our family and friends came, although i didn't invite my friends since they probably couldn't come anyway because of the finals.

here are some photos from sunday afternoon :

the expression on her face is so funny oh my God hahahaha

pasta station.
and now i am drooling.

sammie cried when she first walked in, probably because she was surprised with the crowd.
got tired and took the chance to sleep in her daddy's arm.

samantha got some help from her mom&dad to blow out the candle!
the cake was very cute by the way :)

we had a photobooth! it was really cute and sammie was nibbling on pear the whole time
and you probably guessed i made her cry in the picture because i've done it a thousand times (accidentally banged my head to hers. didn't take care of her when my sister told me to and suddenly she banged her head to the wooden head board. fell backward when she was sitting and i just stared and said "she didn't cry!", she did 3 seconds after i said that.) but i did not make her cry! i swear! she was okay until she saw her mom (my sister) and she wanted to get to her mama. and that's my dad! sammie calls him poppa.

i promise you this is also not caused by me.

samantha allows me to take one of her presents (she couldn't even talk yet haha)
but i did take a big polar bear doll to replace my monkey doll, which unfortunately can't accompany me anymore.
and yes i do like sleeping with stuffed animals, shut up (sewooot)

it was a pleasant afternoon. thank you everyone for coming!


p.s : tomorrow is my last day for finals and i'm so stoked!