HGMXMAS Giveaway!

So, first off guys. Merry Christmas and have a holly jolly one!

I owe an apology I guess since I have been under the radar for God knows how many months. But I still visit the blog frequently to read my favorite blog (which links I kept on the right side of my blog.)
Anyway I just got home from Bali (People, never go to Bali in December because there are way too many tourists and what with the traffic jam. You don't want to get me started on the rainy weather.)
I miss writing here so much, although I don't have much to say really.
Let the picture speaks for itself.

One of my favorite blogger, hippie gone mad, is hosting a giveaway right now. Which ends tomorrow. So, HUSTLE HUSTLE GUYS! She is a Milan-based Indonesian blogger, Cindy Karmoko, and I gotta say I envied her so much when she went to New York for NYFW. But anyway, this awesome hamper can be yours (or mine, crossing all the fingers in the world) !
On reasons why I should win this hamper :
- That beanie. I love beanie. I LOVE this particular beanie. Come to mama.
- Anybody who knows me pretty well also knows that I really like to cook (when I can find the time amidst the busy hours of school and the shenanigans that come with it.) and I love wooden art. That 'Never Say Shoo To Shoe' got my heart on the first sight.
- The colors of the nail polish! And the fact that I will be a good girl and won't mind sharing it with my sister :)
- Living in Jakarta is rough on everyone's skin, mine included. I spent a lot of time playing basketball under hot, humid Jakarta sun. So I'll need every ammo I can get to take care of them!
- Hey, it's Christmas. Everyone deserves presents don't you think?

Good luck everyone and once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Hello again! I am to go on a school program called live in where we will go to rural area and stay at locals' home and live their way. But I am excited to receive another postcard! This time from Belarus. And I like this one because it gave me new knowledge of world's cuisine!