Cartes postales.

I sent a postcard (two from Paris) during my Euro trip last Idul Fitri holiday. The idea just came up a few hours after I was in Barcelona, and there were lots of cool postcards on the sidewalk. I also sent 2 for my friends. The first that arrived in Indonesia was the one from Barcelona, it came about a week after I got back here. Then the Paris one arrived, and it must've gotten mixed up because I received one (not pictured here) a few weeks before the other one came. Then the third one was Lourdes, and finally the other Paris postcard. It probably feels a bit weird, sending postcards to yourself, but in my opinion, it's the feeling that got into you when you saw the postcard arriving in your house that's worth the.....weirdness. It's like "What?! It actually arrived?!" It did.