She'd say "The sun must set to rise"

it's a new year and so far, it's okay. is it just me or there's like one day, two (or more) in a month where you feel like you're so tired of everything and can't be grateful for every little thing you have? i do! it happens often in high school, pressure about pretty much everything and you can't get away from it. i'm a little bit of an idealist and it ruined me, i guess. i happened to stumble to a blog in which they wrote about things to be grateful of. i have actually posted this kind of post a year ago, but of course things have changed. here's my list of simple things that I'm grateful of :

- My family. Just the fact that they're awesome people and the fact that they would just gather down on the dining table to spend precious moments talking about their days and what their plans are and what has been going on. Although this becomes almost our daily activity, to dine together if possible, not everybody has this kind of thing going.
- Quality time with family or friends.
- My newfound high school friends (well...6 months) and junior high friends.
- Samantha Aimee, my truly beautiful niece which became my stress reliever in the end of the day.
- The fact that I can still watch my favorite tv shows, despite megavideo being shut down :(
- 5 minutes snooze every weekdays that provide you with the energy to start the day.
- The food that I got everyday.
- Brainstorming going 150km/hour, thinking about everything (i'm an overthinker)
- The time I still get to cook and the facilities I have to make it happen.
- Messy, slightly bigger room that I have occupied for the last 7-8 months. Despite the fact that I have not one but two cupboards in my room.
- My family's drivers and mbaks. 'Nuff said.
- Big chances that I have received for granted, and sometimes turned it down.
- Being able to channel my negative aura (whuttt) by playing basketball.
- A decent school to go to.
- Rain. I love rain, but not the after-effect of it (traffic jam and occasional collapsed trees)
- Pretty good on my academic skill.
- Random excited feeling on Friday evening, because school is 60 hours away (hm?)
- The smell of baked cake/cookies (not the ones that are burnt!) and active kitchens.
- Being able to know Panic! At The Disco, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 *sigh*
- Indomie on saturday morning
- 1 word = l i b u r.
- The fact that I can just lay down propped up on my elbows, being able to breathe, and live surrounded with the people I love, and typing these absurd things that maybe no one would read, letting out all my worries and fears and replace it with moments of gratefulness. (It may not stay long, with me being an over-paranoid human being. But it actually feels nice.)

Seriously, do it. It's incredibly theurapetic.
Until next time!