this book is like mastering the art of french cooking dessert version. like i reaaally love this book. i knew it from cathell who let me borrow her hummingbird bakery cookbook and i fell in LUV with this book. i asked my cousin in australia how much does it cost there and apparently it's pretty expensive so i didn't buy it. fast forward 2 weeks later, my brother went to london and i asked him to buy me this book, since it's a lot cheaper in the uk i think. then he brought me this. i was like confused at first but this book turns out to be so gooood. i've made few recipes like red velvet whoopie pie and boston cream cupcakes. the boston cream cupcakes work out great, but i failed at red velvet whoopie pie because i put too much flour in it. no worry, i'll give it another try in the future. i want to make tiramisu cupcakes and raspberry trifle cupcakes, maybe after the final test.

yep can you believe it, i thought i just finished my final final test yesterday. whoop, here it comes another final test. i feel like time flies really fast like literally flying, i can catch up with everything so far, but the worst is yet to come.

i also have been watching top chef : all stars which is like the 8th season of top chef. all i can say is that it's REALLY REALLY INTENSE. the stakes are higher, prize bigger, and they made some unexpected twist in the challenge. i'm rooting for richard blaise, fabio and dale t but yeah you should watch it. my mind = blown.

see you another time?