just because aunty is not here

howdy everyone!
uh huh. back with sammie everyone! i'm going on 8 weeks everyone, catching up with ya guys! soooo i was crying all night long and my mum said to my aunt "sammie belom difoto tuh udh 8 minggu" i instantly stopped crying and begged my aunt with my wide eyes and then she stared at me like "uh bener juga" HAHAHA see i haven't even begun to talk but i can speak with my eyes hahahaha.

my room has books that mum and aunt bought a while ago. my mum bought this book where she can write and put photos of me in it and my aunty bought me picture books made of fabric and my mum read it to me sometimes.

ah new chair, i loveeeee the leather! and it's so comfy although the belt itself is too tight and i had to get out of the chair manually hahaha but it's nice to join the family's dinner and not stuck in my room, staring at meaningless pictures my aunt has on her old room. (yep guys i'm moving--michelle)

my laundry! since i still can't control my pee and poop i changed my diaper a loooot of times a day, well i do not change my own diaper but my nanny does it! the clothes mum bought are sooo cute but i'm growing pretty fast and in no time, i can't use them anymore but no worries since my mom has bigger and cuter clothes for me! my mum even bought me 2 matching aprons for me and my aunt!

sammie is bald no more! my mum and nanny feed and rub my hair with coconut oil, aloe vera, kemiri (hazelnut) and parsley! ugh not a good combination but i'm glad i don't have to drink it (not that i drink anything else other than milk :9 ) but at least i'm not bald and that's what matters

my treatment products range from bath milk to baby lotion and baby cream, honestly i don't know what's the difference!

has to go now! i need some milk, or else i will do the thing you dread the most which is crying haha /evilface.gif see you another time everyone!