baby lolita

my long awaited baby golden half camera is finally here! bought them in kaskus a couple weeks ago for 600rb and i just couldn't wait for it to finally arrive. the day finally came (yesterday) and i was really stoked to shoot some pics.
you know it's too good to be true.
i've used chacha's fisheye, yes. i've used my dad's analog camera?yes, spent two rolls of film. but i never tried to put the roll in the camera. the camera's manual is in japanese. i rolled in the film that included with the camera so i can't get it out again and i have to use a new roll. i didn't dare to put it in the camera again so i asked chacha to put it in for me. she couldn't. finally, abi did it and it's working! phewwww! i'm curious to see the result but i'm afraid there's some photos that are completely black because i forgot to open the lens cap, fuck yooohh and since it's a half frame camera (so there will be 2 photos in a frame so with 132-36 film, you can take 72 photos), i'm kinda afraid that 2 photos that should have told some kind of story (for example, when you take a photo of food, before and after eaten, you know, see the difference?), it's separated. bcs i didn't keep count about how many photos i have taken and the number that should have indicateed how many photos i have taken just shows numbers like 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 up to 72 photos. huh since it's my first roll, i'm just gonna let it slide.

and i also have problem with the motive on the front side of the camera. yaknow i used the camera with my hands a little sweaty because i biked. and the motive fades! shit man it's only been a day for God's sakes :( hope the film will produce good shots when it's developed. oh and you know my habit, i named this camera lolita i don't know why anybody got any suggestion?

happy summer guys

bitch, please.

picking up my uniforms tomorrow. really close to high school and stressed like hell, i don't want to say good bye to my friends :( miss you guys