one day of summer

i took a little field trip again, this time to bogor!!!!!! abc has been planning to have a holiday together since like....forever. idk man we wanted to go to pulau seribu, and even singapore together, but we finally chose bogor because 1) chacha's eyang is in bogor 2) the traffic to and fro bogor is not too bad. we were meant to meet at our basecamp (dede's house) at 6 in the fucking morning. turns out the boys went from their house at 6 am, ngaret nih bosss! we used 2 cars, 1st : me, chacha, kk, dede. 2nd : brea, keva, pandu, nanda. hahahaha since there's a pool at chacha's eyang house and the temptation not to swim is................little, i dived in hahaha we got lots of tubes there so we played water fight and all that hahahah then we had lunch and watched some movie at the home theatre. yep you heard that right people, a home theatre complete with reclined sofa and few sofas at the back. we also went to kebon raya bogor and grab some soto kuning! nyawwww really tired right now and gonna grab some sleep VERY SOON!

keva actually said chel fotoin dong gua lg galau disamping kolam renang belakangnya keliatan ya rly kev

this is a cross stitch chacha's eyang made. so fucking cool. and she has this huge terrific collection of them
rare shot of kk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can anyone tell me why this idot was there uh haha canda yo bre

brazilian girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you see my flipflops there uh yeah it happened a lot of times today can somebody buy me a new flipflops

i actually like this photo hahaha

see ya soon :*