key to a succesful.....


so i made boston cream pie the other day (it was meant to be boston cream pie) which is actually a sponge cake with pastry cream in between and chocolate ganache on top. how can it be better? i successfully made the pastry cream and ganache because i've made pastry cream before and ganache wasn't too hard to make. the sponge cake. i've seen how to make it in a cooking class i enrolled into in the summer. i mean, not a big problem right? WRONG! everything was wrong from the very start, which is caused by my impatience and cockiness. 1) i thought since i've seen how to make it before, that it would be easy. 2) i thought the time i spent on the egg whites were enough. never use "i thought" in cooking, just a tip there. it was soggy and it's not done! i had to throw it out :( i and my sister made it again the next day, this time with more patience and focused. my sister beat the eggs until it's foamy, like LITERALLY foamy. turned out it's the key to a successful sponge cake along with another pressure points : 1) beat the egg yolks until pale 2) don't beat too much, just enough 3) especially when you've added flour to the batter 4) don't panic
it turned out great and fluffy. :)

recipe coming soon!