heyyy everyone! i just returned from my singapore trip! it was quite fun, we stayed at marina bay sands for 2 nights and meritus mandarin for a night. i miss sammie so bad though hahah and i bought looooots of books! hahaha here are the pictures!

that was food from Shu Teppan @ ion. it's like a do it yourself teppanyaki, it was good but also expensive!
my favorite fishball noodle in singapore! this was at lucky plaza. bigggggggg portion but you know my appetite hahaha

book shopping! i bought 14 books and spent more than 300 dollars on books. see my bookworminess? to make myself feeling less guilty, i constantly remind myself that some of the books i bought are my sister's and brother's and sammie's (when she's old enough to read) hahaha

my mom bought a loubutin very very expensive. i tried on this one and i can barely stand up for more than 2 seconds! i think the shoes i wore worth 1800 dollars which is 12.6 million rupiah more or less 0.0 really tho? for a pair of shoes?!?

it's my family's favorite bakuteh in singapore. it's at rangoon road. not my favorite though as the soup is too pepper-y for my taste so i'd rather chew on the cakwe and veggie! there are also few "snacks" like pig's intestines, tail, liver, oh it makes me sick you'd better see it for yourself

one last bite of toast box's peanut toast for you! i'd love a teh tarik to go with it!

Sands' Refreshing Chill at marina bay sands hotel. it's like soda with some syrup, blue/blackberry and some mint leaves. cost me 16 dollars, pretty expensive for a drink.

marina bay sands' food court's kwetiau. the most edible food i can find at the food court and it doesn't even taste good. sorry marina bay sands but your choice of restaurants is just pfffft. it's either too expensive (tetsuya, and other world class italian chefs) or food court like this. uh.

tomi would love this...................but it's in german so tom, time to learn some german hahaha

my favorite chicken rice at lucky plaza! we've been eating here as long as i can remember haha

thought dinda might like this and i thought it's pretty cool. didn't buy it *shrug*

i met some people i knew there like gaby judith and rebecca from year 8. i was going to see onel because he was accidentally at paragon which is like 1 inch from where i was (kinokuniya, of course) but decided against it. don't ask why. well it's mainly because i was scared my folks would freak out hahahaha tp pas mau ke orchard central and i said to my mom that my friend was here she told me to go ask him if he wants to go with me to orchard central, i called onel and too bad dia udah di dhoby ghaut hahahaha see ya kpn2 deh ya nel hahaha

so, guys enough about me. how's your holiday?!