jakarta with love

soooooo went to pekan raya jakarta yesterday! very excited since i've never been there before. yep! a jakarta-born citizen but never been there and i believe half of you guys reading this have never been there too hahaha you should try to go there. it's at kemayoran and very hugee! it's surprisingly not as dirty as i thought it would be, but i was expecting more games. it's a tad bit too modern for me, because i expected the music there will be like you know keroncong, tanjidor, or music we don't really listen to nowadays. but instead, i listen to uh...beyonce's telephone which is something i can listen whenever i want. overall, it's a good experience and i had a good time but probably wait 3-5 years till i go there again haha. definitely a go!

LOL do you notice anything weird? you do? you don't? it's the date! it's jakarta fair 2010's entrance tickets hahahah

sooo many food stalls there and pretty cheap dontchathink? there are hundreds of kerak telor vendor at jakarta fair but the ones located inside the venue were pretty expensive, 15.000 a portion, maybe thats because they have to pay for rent gitu kali yah but i bet you can get them for 5-7rb outside :) i ate indomie there, yep hundreds choice of food and i chose indomie!hahaha and i also ate fiesta thingy you know chicken nuggets, sausage, fishballs and things not that good though

finally, some games! that's the only games i found beside the mini ferris wheel, rumah hantu and merry go round. the place is sooo huge that maybe there's more games but i just didn't find it hahaha so what you have to do is to throw rings in the bottle but they made the rings sooo small and the bottles sooo big that it's hard to do it, cheatercheater!

so if you have 50 thousands ribu and got nothing to do just come here, here's the economical explanation :
1) go here by busway round trip = 7.000
2) jakarta fair entrance tickets = 15.000
3) kerak telor/toge goreng = 15.000 (inside the venue, you could get it cheaper outside)
4) drinks = 2.000-5.000 (save even more by bringing your own drink!)
5) now you have more or less 8.000-11.000 left, you can either = play at one of the games stall OR you could buy a bag of snacks for 10ribu!


HAPPY 484TH JAKARTA! and no, you'll never be a "jakarta kita, kian tertata kian dicinta" unless you stop cutting those trees and turn this city into a necropolis!