great little outing

so i took a little field trip to kota tua and monas yesterday with 30 lunatics i call friends hahaha dede also went with us hahah so we gathered our forces at kfc bulungan around 8. i thought we went at 7 so at ungodly hour at 5.45 i woke up and i was ready at 6.15, turned out it was 7 am for dinda because they said dinda's always late. uh and no one told me so yeah. i went with abi and dede and we walked to blok m busway station. i saw two old buses in front of the station and it looked so vintage-y

turned out it's a clothing store! there's a grafitti on the side of the bus! very creative and cool no?

our destination is stasiun kota which is the farthest station

then we reached our destination, it was quite fast about 30-45 minutes to kota! the bus was pretty clean but the furniture was pretty bad especially the floor hahaha but for 3.500, it was pretty good!

the museum is right across the street! there was an underground pass, there was also a lift for the disabled, which doesn't work *shrug*. there were a loooooot of vintage things at the museum there were hugeeee safe deposit boxes and computers!!!!!!!!! love them~~

and then we went to kota tua! we rode sepeda ontel which we rented for 10rb each for 30 minutes! we had sooooooo much fun! i tried to ride the bike and it was quite difficult to control! it's a must try though! abi rode it sooooo fast hahahah anyway i took allll the bicycle shots you can see in my facebook from the bicycleeeeee hahahaha

^ that's one of my favorite shots of the day!
tried to bike with tiara on my back. didn't work

ayu > abi > michelle.
we grabbed lunch at kota tua, i ate mi ayam. michelle is happy.

that photo on the right was taken on 2008 hahah and the left was yesterday. rekindling old moment!!!!!!!!!! tp fail since the lens i used yesterday was not wide enough! look how much we have grown!

we went to monas by busway again and finally went to GI, walking. yep! we thought it was pretty near and turned out it was reaaaaaally far and abi and ayu ditched us by using taxi! we got shouted by few motorcycles and abi almost got hit by a motorcycle DUMBO!!!!! i h888888 motorcycles! we ate yoshinoya and grabbed a magnum ice cream (first time ever!!!!!!!) and went home by busway with daniel and abi. we got off at al azhar and daniel's driver picked us up!
twas a very great little field trip!

a very nice chocolate magnum ice cream with chocolate glaze and chocolate crunch and vanilla cookies topping!!!!!!!!!!

dede is literally flying. i can't. even.

going on a trip to singapore tomorrow, i hope i can put something up here but can't promise anything! have a great summer everyone!