dear sammie

hey guys! i'm sneaking around with my aunt's laptop while she's in the bathroom. luckily she's taking years in the bathroom singing with her awful voice so i can sneak around. anyway, hi! i haven't introduced myself. my name is samantha aimee and i'm 2 weeks old. since i'm still 2 weeks old, i still can't go out of my momma's house yet (momma is my mom's mom) except for occasional visit to the doctor. but well, yesterday i have to break the rule because it was uncle alex's wedding! i wanted to stay but it was really cold and my mom and dad said i have to go home. ah, they're right. my room (or my aunty's room) is much better! but of course i struck out few poses for the camera, i'm so excited! my first family photoshoot! oh and my mom and dad looked really good! especially my aunty! she wears this loooooong red dress hm i would actually love it if her foot got caught in the dress HAHAHA i'm evil! wait, my aunty is coming out of the bathrooom, i have to get moving! bye everyone see you next time!!!!

xo, sammie aimee.


oh, hey guys! how have you been? michelle here! it's been a hectic weekend! my brother got married yesterday and i have to wake up around 5.30am and it's pretty hard for me since i haven't woken up under 6am since school's out! so, my friends, abi chacha dinda tiara kk and dd came to the wedding and it's really exciting. there was first dance, wedding kiss (which tiara was very excited about) , etcetc. many people came and there were even few famous people. there was like this photo booth where people can take as many photos as they want and i got like 10++ photos hahaha and i have to tell you about my nieces who come from the States just to be the flowergirls! they're stepdaughters from my cousin from my father's side. Their names are Heather and Ashley. Heather is 8 and Ashley's 6. At first, Heather is more shy. We made origami and cook together and we began to know each other and she started to be more outgoing. But Ashley's very talkative from the very start, she is very outgoing, bubbly and active! Hahahaha when they went to my house my sister suggested to me to teach them how to make what they call "puffy star" from paper. It's actually stars I used to make with brea in year 8 hahahaha and they LOOOVE it! At first they couldn't puff the star but they practiced and finally made a good puffy star!
(those are the ones i made)

This morning, I brought my instax camera to the hotel and they were like "THAT IS THE COOLEST CAMERA I'VE EVER SEEN IN THE WHOOOLE WORLD" "THAT IS SOO COOL!" and I said to them "But whole world is a big big place!!"

hahahha and i think their mom will get them the camera. They went to Kudus this afternoon and I was really sad to see them go. They are really good kids and I had fun with them while they're here, I really hope I can see them again soon!

p.s : hey guys, tell me. did samantha mess with the computer? that kid!!!!!!