next week's plan and analog camera

please, pardon me for my narcism i just have nothing to do these days but this week i will be busy for sure. yearbook photoshoot, dress fitting for my brother's wedding, playing basketball with my friends, cooking lesson with chacha, can't wait!
i and chacha have also planned to
1) go to kidzania
2) iceskating
3) make t-shirt for abc
hahahaha so many to do but when you have 2,5 months summer break, you can do anything (ha right) anyway i told you that i want to learn how to use analog camera and today i asked my dad to teach me using the film chacha gave me few days ago.
my dad loves camera since he was in his 20s or 30s so i have no problem finding the analog camera since my dad has Nikon F3 (so ancient you have to "kokang" or "geret" to use it and it doesn't require batteries), Nikon F4 (he has 2 just because the first one has little scratch HAHA) and Nikon F5 (it's a little modern though) so i decided to use the F4 because it's not too ancient or modern.
i use 50 mm f/1,4. i was about to use the f/1,2 but it doesn't have auto focus (yes, it's that ancient) and i have miopy so i decided to play safe and use the 1,4.
i took 15 photos today just around the house and few photos of my family. i really can't wait to see it on prints!