look at the mess i made

it's not a mess, really. well, it is a mess, but a beautiful mess.
today i watched burlesque and masterchef australia. i know, two very different things! hahaha anyway the words "vanilla cupcakes" suddenly came up to me while i was sitting on the couch. so i looked up the recipe on the internet and found a very good recipe. it requires "pure vanilla extract" so i have to go to ranch market to get one. THEY RAN OUT OF VANILLA EXTRACT!! i finally went to a cake decoration store near blok A and yes i found them!
so, no more delaying. here it is VANILLA LEMON CUPCAKES!

first of all, gather your ingredients :
120 gr unsalted butter, room temperature << this is very important
130 gr sugar
195 gr flour
1 1/2 tsp of baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
60 ml milk
zest of a lemon
3 eggs
1 tbs of pure vanilla extract

100 gr confectioners' sugar
50 gr unsalted butter, room temperature
2 tbs of milk/light cream
1 tsp of vanilla extract
few drops of food coloring

let's start!

in a bowl, put butter and sugar. beat them until they're fluffy you could die!!!

now add the eggs one by one. pardon me for not taking photos when i cracked the eggs but i was very busy hahaha. this was what it looked like after i put the eggs
then, put the lemon zest and vanilla extract into the mixture.

to the dry ingredients we go! put flour baking powder and salt. can you figure out which one is the baking powder and which one is salt?

ok here's the tricky part. add HALF of the flour mixture into the butter mixture, beat. now add milk, beat. then add the remaining flour mixture, beat.
so it goes like :
half flour-beat-milk-beat-flour-beat. hey we could make a rap song out of it!
that's how it looked like ^^^^^

prepare your muffin pan now. and put these cute muffin paper. here's the fun part for me.
spoon the cupcake mixture into the muffin paper until it's nearly or half full. mine don't really rise much so when it's done they look like cute mini cupcakes!

my babies are in the oven. and no, you cannot sit down. we have one more thing to do.
~*~ the icing ~*~

you probably think, where am i supposed to buy confectioners' sugar? what the hell is confectioners' sugar. let me make it easy for you. use icing sugar!
no icing sugar at home and too far to carrefour/alfamart?
use plain sugar you used to make cupcakes, measure it according to the recipe.
now put it in a food processor and plug the electrical cable.
blend it.....blend it.........there you go!!!!!!!
it works really well for me. Michelle is satisfied.

this is a really important thing. always read the recipe thoroughly.
this is the 3rd accident i made because of butter. and now, it's because the butter for the icing (and cupcakes too) supposed to be at room temperature. but after i made the cupcakes, i decided to put it in the fridge first because the butter was a little warm and i was afraid it would melt or something.
so i put it in the fridge.
and got the butter out just before i made the icing. i didn't realize at all.

i started making the icing by beating the butter until it's smooth and fluffy. i should've realized something is wrong when the butter was pretty hard to beat. and i added vanilla extract.
i added the sugar. and milk. i HAVEN'T noticed something wrong with it. i really should check my eyes. i just realized something was wrong when i put the food coloring.
at first it was cute and all....pinky and all that.

but when i finished beating it and putting it into a...what you call that plastic...yeah that ^, i found out mentega nya itu menggumpal. i had to throw the whole batch out and put away my dream to decorate my cupcakes. till next time, frosting!

meanwhile, my babies started to rise and all. ahhhh

after 15-20 minutes or so, i got it out of the oven. look at those golden brown beautiful cupcakes! and you can't smell it, but it smells really good!!!! when i say really good, i mean REALLY good. at first i thought it's just plain vanilla cupcakes. but when i ate it, there's trace of lemon in the cupcakes and it's so goood!

i'm selling the cupcakes for 7rb each! if you want some please contact me via twitter/bbm!

here's addition to my kitchen :

they did the magic. it may look a little....suspicious, with the plastic bottle and things. but they did it. i luv them.

and few days ago i just bought these cute looking measurement cups and spoons. i, however, regret that i didn't buy the stronger ones made of stainless steel. but i say, they did their job pretty good!

these baby cupcakes leave me with vanilla scented hair and hands, cupcakes mixture stained shirt, overwhelming smell of vanilla and lemon, and a big smile on my face! till next time everyone!

p.s : baking powder is the one on the center, lebih putih daripada tepung. and salt is the one on the left part, texture nya lebih halus dibanding baking powder nya!