post gig depression or what it's called

okay i got lots to tell you. i went to TDF-HM-ARTTM concert yesterday, which is my first concert ever. i have been waiting for may 14th for like....ever. and it's finally here. the moment i woke up in my bed, i was like "it's may 14th. which means arttm is today!" i couldn't sit down for one moment yesterday! finally i went to tennis indoor at 2.30, 4 and a half hours before the show starts! my friends come as early as 1.30. we went through few gates and finally settled down at the final gate before going inside the tendoor. there's a kebab stall or something and i decided to eat chicken kebab so i wouldn't starve inside. i bought drink and i was only drinking 1/4 of it when the final gate opened! i had to leave my drink hahaha agak sayang sih sebenernya. i was with astrid and natha. we wanted to be on the 1st row but it's already full so we got the 2nd row. not bad!
and then i want to pee. that was very stupid of me not to go to the toilet. i managed to hold my pee for 6,5 hours until i got home!!! i am very proud hahahaha i sat down for a moment but the space was realllly small hahaha we waited for 2 hours before the show starts. when they turned the lights off, i was realllyy excited even though i don't know many TDF songs ehehe peace v-_-v they started the show with best i never had and ended it with i just wanna run hahahahah dan itu kaya dorong2an bgt gitu but it was pretty fun! i got lots of photos but many of them are either blurred or not focused.
and then we have to wait for a few minutes before hey monday. we got aqua gelas from the security huaaahh lumayan bgtt and finally hey monday came out! i have to say, cassadee pope is reaalalalaaallly beautifulll! they sang 13 songs terus pas 2 lagu terakhir cassadee ketuker gitu how you love me now and wish you were here hahahaha and they got us saying "cassadee you suck" or something hahhaha and she gave us 2 lessons. i forgot what was the first but the second was "if your relationship doesn't work on the first try, just forget it. get rid of it. no no no" hahahahhaa she was very cool and i got lots of video too. i loveeee her tutu skirt and purple locks hahaha
and then arttm.
all hell broke loose. everyone is pushing!!!! there are like tons of boys behind me and i had to poke them ehehehe and i had to step on a guy's toes bcs he keeps pushing eheh ehehe. they opened the show with on your side. AND THEN THEY SANG NO ONE WILL EVER GET HURT. i want to cry bcs it's one of my favorite songs but it's a bonus track so i'm not sure they'd sing it. BUT THEY DID!!!!!!! omygod i can't even.....hahaha and they sang annabelle, dakota, baby blue eyes, just another one, she's killing me, give a damn, lalala lalala. when they sang dakota, they replaced "dakota" with "jakarta" so it was like "oh JAKARTA ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH ME TOO?" hahahahha and justin recorded us on his iphone and asked us to say "hi justin's mom" hahaha so we did and we did it really loud! after they sang life of the party, they said thank you and went out. yep just like that. i was like NOOOOOO and then all of a sudden they ran and jumped back and sang 2 more songs for us. it was really worth it! and when they sang no one will ever get hurt "cause no one can love you like i can honey we gotta make this work" gua sama justin kaya liat2an gt nangisssssss dulu hahahaha and the bands threw their guitar picks/drum sticks/etc to the crowd but i didn't get anything :(
the gig is finished at 10.50 . i went out with astrid and natha and they took their bags. we met up with agatha angel dani etc and agatha said halvo and the guys are still at the venue. we ran back inside and i got to meet them. dinda got halvo's sign on her ipod. i got halvo's sign on my blackberry and ticket and andrew cook's on my ticket. HALVO IS REALLY CUTE and i got him on video when he signed my ticket and he looks like he's struggling to sign all the tickets and things hahahaha but he was reallly really cute. but he was on the other side of the stage when arttm sang so i couldn't really see him :(
we smelled like crap man, you wouldn't believe it. i got a ride home with dani and natha and mbak2 rexona gave us a goodie bag with 2 rexonas+rexona hand towel in it yeahayyy and i bought "i ♥ downtown fiction" and "i ♥ hey monday" stickers hahaha i got home around 12 and i was realllly tired and my parents are worried! but i had so much fun yesterday and i still can't believe i watched them live! now betis gua pegel bgt sampe sekarang but it was all worth it. i don't care if there's fake fans, i don't care if we have to stand up for 5 hours, it was reallly really good. thank you so much javamusikindo for making my dream come true and thank you The Downtown Fiction, Hey Monday, and A Rocket To The Moon for devirginizing my concert virginity i'm really glad it was you guys! Good luck on your tour and please come back to Jakarta soon!!

xo, Michelle.

TDF's David.
i took few photos of Cameron but none of them are focused eeeeek

she looks like kristen stewart a liiiiiitttle here hahaha but i really like her!!!!



the setlist

best photo of nick santino i can find in my camera, gak goyang and all

his shirt is so ngedangdut hahaha

andrew wore a barong shirt!


conclusion for last night :
1) nick santino's hair stands taller than monas.
2) cassadee pope is hawwwt!
3) cameron looks like topher grace or whoever guy played venom on spiderman 3
4) justin richards is really cute
5) Alex Lipshaw's legs are to die for