so i went to this cafe called Roppan in Gandaria City last night with my family. the cafe has a really unique concept and the food were really nice and the toast is not that expensive (11.000-16.000), this is what i had last night and pardon for the photo quality because i used phone camera :D

Sunny Shinjuku, a toast with egg, onion and sprinkled bacon on top. A really cute toast and nice presentation, it's one of the signature toast but i really prefer the Katsu Haru or Ikebanana than this probably because this toast is best served while hot, and it is not hot at all :(

Ikebanana, a toast with banana and chocolate syrup with whipped cream and strawberry on top. This one actually tastes reaaally good like a good homemade pisang goreng.

Yuki Berry, a strawberry jam toast with strawberries and grated white chocolate. This one is also very good because it has the perfect acidity from the strawberries and the perfect sweetness from strawberry jam and white chocolate.

Katsu Haru, toast with chicken katsu, cheese, tomatoes with mayonnaise. It tastes like cheese sandwich..but better! The sweetness and freshness from the tomato makes the dish tastes superb!

For the drink, we had Roppan Punch. It's a mix of fruits (orange, raspberry, lychee, etc.) with vanilla ice cream. Really really refreshing!

Very worth it! Going to visit Roppan again soon, or maybe i'll have my sister's baby shower here!

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