pencil case

someone says a woman's bag tells a lot about herself. well let me just get this straight, i only have ipod and blackberry and occassionally wallet in my bag. it probably doesn't tell much. and maybe my pencil case will tell more about myself hahaha basically i'm just bored bcs i have geo test tomorrow but i'm just too lazy to study more. i'm just holding my pen and books on my lap and i was thinking how about making a post about my.....pencil case. okay guys, if you have better things to do, i'm okay with it you should just go because this post is as unimportant as upil.

so, i rarely use pencil case since year 9 and i'm just using my backpack as my pencil case haha my mom bought me this pencil case when she went to sydney, probably bcs she knew that i wouldn't buy a pencil case even though my pen/pencil/eraser/marker mysteriously dissapear one by one everyday hahaha lol. well this is what i have in my pencil case....at the moment.

top from left :
- post-it in 5 different colors
- my 4GB kingston flash disk. i thought this would be the place to put all my photos. of course, i have a lot of photos which means 4GB wouldn't be enough and i ended up using the 250GB hard disk now hahaha
- mentos candy. i think i bought it a week ago hahaha
- the pencil case tag. uh i tend to keep those kind of things
- faber castell orange marker
- snowman orange marker
- standard 0.7 pen i forget what type it is but it's really goooooood like my favorite pen everrr
- stabilo exam grade pencil sharpener. i bought this after i lost the last one and i chose this one because it has a lid hahaha

bottom from left :

-brown/blue snowman marker. actually, it's a brown marker but i lost the bottom lid or whatever you want to call it so i took my blue's marker bottom lid and put it on the brown one ^^
- 2 2B faber castell pencils. as you know i'm in year 9 which means i got a lot, and when i say a lot, i mean a lot (!!!!!) of tests this year. we have to fill the answer with a 2B pencil which is why i have 2 of them hahaha and the 2nd one is soooo small it's hard to write using it.
- faber castell's 20 cm ruler.
- 0.7 pen but i forget what's the braaand
- green faber castell marker
- pink snowman marker
- pilot erasable pen
- faber castell vinyl eraser
- purple faber castell marker
- blue snowman marker

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