the end of the semester is like tomorrow. in like, 12 hours, i will receive my report card. which could be :

- good. bcs it means christmas holiday
- bad. bcs i don't know what bu maria will say to my mom, about you know those things. i hope she doesn't say anything. i will probably kill my love for her (bu maria) (mentally) (apasih)

my last classmeeting with TVXI is over. it doesn't make me sad bcs this classmeeting isn't really memorable for me, but bagas made so many jokes like i can't even breathe. it's just the 7th and 8th graders really don't have sense of appreciation of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING at all. it annoyed me like i can't even ughh but no bitches can ruin my last year here you 7th and 8th graders can bitch all you want like a whiny bitches and i wouldnt even give you all a shit bcs i'll be gone in a few months anyway. (let's just hope i won't meet you bitches in high school again k)

hahahahhaa enough enough. this year is very fun for me i learned a lot of things i changed people around me changed blahblahblah i just think that we should use the time God has given us, i mean when i see tweets like "2011 come faster 2010 stinks" or something like that, i always think why can't you enjoy the time you have bcs it's not going to come back or what if 2011 is worse than 2010, you can't go back to 2010 how much you beg God to activate His time machine. ha enough complaining for todayyyyy

i just want to say if bu maria tell those things tomorrow, this is going to be my last happy (this is what you call happy?) post ever this year hahaha

p.s : KAYANYA ADA YANG BARU BALIK DR SINGAPUR NIH gausah sok ga baca bre gua tau lo baca daim nya mana gausah dateng ke sekolah lagi kalo ga bawa daim besok

oh and by the way indo wins the match against the philipines 1-0 dan gol nya lucky bgt hahaha congrats indo! go fight win!