rainy day session

happy saturday all! i'm trying to make my sat doing productive things instead of sleeping till noon and antm marathon. so i decided to do mini pizza, something i've been planning to do in a while, but never got to do it.

mini pizza

the prep :

sack of mozzarella cheese. nah, a bag would be enough.
the cheese is pretty expensive, i bought this in indoguna meat market for 50.000

you can make your own pizza dough or buy pre-made dough in the supermarket.
i wanted to make my own pizza dough but i've already bought this pre-made a while ago and it would be a waste to make dough when you already have one.
it has 10 pizza dough inside and costs me about 16.000 rupiah prolly

this is essential. the tomato sauce used as the base for the pizza.
i used this barilla basilico tomato sauce it has basil in it (well, BASILico is the name, how can it not contain basil? d'oh)

this is for the topping, i used garlic, onion and sausage. but you can also use bacon, ham, pepperoni, salami, or whatever it is. you can also add some bell pepper. unfortunately, i did not have bell pepper at the moment, although i like it as pizza topping.

you will also need :
minced beef - sugar - salt - flour - butter

how to do it :

put the dough and flour on the cutting board. cover the dough with flour.

we (my mbak and i) had argument about how to do the pizza base, topping, etc etc.
my mbak said she have done it before and she said she mixed the tomato sauce with the topping (sausage, garlic, onion) so the result will be like spaghetti sauce. then pour the pizza sauce on top.
but i have done it before too, few years back in pizza marzano senayan city. from what i remember, they (the pizza marzano guys) told me to put the tomato sauce as a base and on top of the sauce is the toppings.
i insist to use my way hahaha so my mbak was like
"oh okay whatever haha i don't know how though you have to show me"

so, spread the tomato sauce on top of the dough.

but in a part, i agreed with her. so she dumped a little butter and cooked the minced beef with some of the garlic and the onion, add some sugar and salt and 2 tablespoon of the tomato sauce ...

... until it looked like this. i tasted it and it was really good.

okay this is my favorite part.
*i was planning to make 4 pizzas, but ended up making 7 hahaha*
after i spreaded the tomato sauce on all the dough,
i put the cooked minced beef on top
and then garlic and onion
then the sausages.

these are the pizzas waiting to be baked. the cheese on position.
it looks really really nice

it's time to bake!!!!!!!!
at first, i wanted to put the pizzas on the tray but my mbak said
"no, we better use the foil so it will look good when it came out"
i was like "owraight" hahahaha i baked 4 pizzas then 3 because i couldn't fit all 7 pizzas into the oven
when you bake this, don't forget to check it every once in a while so it doesn't overcook.
it takes about 15 minutes or so.

opening the babies for the first time...
and we decided it has to go inside the oven a little longer to make it better

tadaaaa here is the result!
i can't really taste the cheese on the pizza though
but otherwise it was really really good!!!!!!!

i declare this mini pizza a success.

it takes time, about an hour or more. but it was worth it.