blame the candies


i just heard the news ok.
i'm freaking out right now.
it takes all my control not to type with caps lock.
i know ok.
you don't. you'll have to wait. no one will have to get hurt.
ok ok ok freak out.
it's like somebody but an explosive C4 inside.
my hands are shaking.
i'm high right now like i just ate bags of candies
kay man it's related to my favorite band (one of them).
and no i'm not going to tell you anything bcs my friend told me to.
my feet are cold.

tmorrow is monday luckily i don't have any test tomorrow although on tues i have bio and math. suxxx rite

found this on tumblr. i got something in common with daniel radcliffe. that is smokin' hawt. we're twins or something, i can feel the connection between us.