we change, we wait

weekend, at last!

first of all i want to say..
congratulations to tarlim girls' futsal for winning the first place in TM cup and guess what, it's only their first tournament!
and good luck for tarlim dance in POR CC, they were having the competition around 5-6 and i still haven't got any news yet about it i hope my friends took a video of them dancing bcs i couldnt come but i want to watch it so..yeah. worst case, they will get third place. but i know they'll do their best and i hope they come in first place!

uhh there's ppl shooting my dad in ma house and i think they're making short film or something, but it takes time and patience. see, we have to be silent while they are filming, otherwise they have to shoot the scene again. it's been 2,5 hours and they're not even close to done. my mom is starving rite now and she's like whutdahell hahahaha and i thought they were going to film it with i don't know just small handycam or something.
turns out they brought 10-15 people or so into the house for the cameras, lighting, sound, make-up, etc etc.

luckily, i'm still full so i don't really mind although it's a little bit uncomfortable bcs i can't go to my room before someone said "cut" or something hahahaha. unfortunately for my mom, she is starving, and she needs food ASAP!

hey have you liked my sister's photo in facebook yet? do it soon!!!! the link is on my previous posts thanks-alot!

see ya around bitchess