i know it's a bit late i've heard my friend dinda talking about this but i just visited glamour kills' website and the things are just.....way too cool. like really really cool.

these are my favorites hahaha

and good news ppl, tomorrow is friday which means weekend is finally coming! as fast as it comes, it goes by much faster though. it makes me sad because im going to have my final exams on november 27th-ish. it's also a good news because the faster it comes, the faster it goes and after the exam ends, it means christmas holiday!!!!!!!!
and in january we'll have tarlim cup xi and in march we have national exams, school's final and practical exams, then it's time to leave tarlim. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE
i'm not ready for high school, really. while my friends can't wait for high school to start, i still want to be in junior high school with all the immaturity and laziness where everything seems so easy. but on the other side, i want to grow up too, sometimes.

i guess i'm a man of contradiction wanting both things at the same times
anyway i'm still confused on where school i'm choosing for high school. i'm interested in SMA Tarakanita 1, of course, as it was where my sister went for high school and it's pretty good. but in january, it's going to move to Cilandak, because they're going to rebuild the building in pulo raya. and cilandak is pretty far away from home.
my second choice is binus/raffles, which is again, a contradiction with SMA Tarki. first of all, it's an international school, that means i won't get high school diploma, however i will get something called "IB diploma" or something because most of the students there are going overseas. i'm not allowed to go overseas :( lawl.
i'm also going to do the test for SMA Santa Ursula. it's located far far away from home, near pasar baru. and they're like studying all the time or something. i'm applying there just for fun i guess, nothing serious i just want to know if i can get in or not hehehehe
my sister (sorta) wants me to go to international school, while my mom is confused and let me choose what i want. my dad told me to go to sanur because i've been going to "easy" school my whole life and i need to expand my brain's capability. my brother told me to go to PL hahaha kiddinggggg

i'm cheking my brain out of school first thing in the morning hahahahaha