before i start blabbing on unimportant things i want to say happy weekend (does such thing even exist?) for everyone !!!!!!!!!!! although it seems this weekend is going to be a bit busy for me bcs there's CC cup which starts tomorrow and i'm afraid we're going to play tomorrow. which is a bad thing. a really bad thing. because 6 of my teammates are most likely not going to be available for tomorrow as they have their own schedules (church, injury, ugh).

let's just cross our fingers together

anyway let's put those aside for awhile and ENJOY HOW GREAT JAKARTA CULINARY FESTIVAL IS. i can't hardly breathe. i went to jcf yesterday with my whole family and my aunt-uncle bcs they have those vouchers where you can exchange the vouchers for the food from the stalls there. and the stalls there were like high quality ones like potato head, indoguna (that's a meat market in jakarta), four seasons hotel, anomali coffee, social house, etc etc.

this one's from potato head. it's roasted chicken with couscous.
that was the first time i've ever tried couscous although i've heard the name numerous times. the chicken was well-cooked
it's 10 out of 10 for the chickeen

this is scallop. there's beef jerky, onion, probably green onion? on top of the scallop. the sauce was good and i think there's like garlic on the dish.
i've tried scallops before occasionally because scallops are really really expensive and it's quite good actually hahaha

this is polenta also from potato head and this was the first time i've ever tried polenta hahaha
it wasn't that good, really. but i tried every food i can get my hands on hahaha

four seasons i think.

this scallop is bettter than the other one in my opinion.
the green-y thing is seaweed and it compliments the scallop really well :)

ah this one. i forgot where we got this because my sister was the one who got it. there's scallops between the sushi and the sauce on top hahaha yumzyumzz


we got bottles of these
not my favorite though because i dont drink soda and it tastes weird haha

gelatos at pregel. for free!!!!!!!!!!!
i tried the hazelnut, uh i should've gone for the donatella it looks so much better hahaha
my sister went for the mango and it tastes fresh and good without being too sorbet-y hahaha

fill your paper cup with ice and have some of these.
i don't even know what this is called! it has a little soda, more on the sweet side hahaha

anomali coffee.

these two are the basic coffee they used for anomali

oh and they even gave me this, a sample Bali Kintamani coffee!

seeing the photos made me full already.

have a great weekend everyone,