vulcanic activities we die soon

just heard that the volcanoes in java like mount bromo and anak krakatau is active/alert/whatever and that there's a potential of tsunami caused by anak krakatau.
and the dust from mount merapi has reached bandung, and i hope it doesn't reach jakarta.
really what the hell is happening man this is really really scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!
apocalypse? i hope not bcs i still want to live hahaha
and God, please let me go to santorini london south africa disney world bunaken and the carribean before this whole thing happens hahahaha

THIS IS NIGGA' BALLS YO HAHAHA MY FRIENDS MADE IT YESTERDAY AND SOLD IT IN MY SCHOOL TODAY my friend dinda called them nigga balls because it's chocolate balls.....if you know what i mean hahaha

get it? hahahaha

"Inside your headphones the outside world doesn't matter" -Pete Wentz

make guitar pick out of expired credit card for 24.95 hahaha
imagine youre selling 100 picks for 5000 each you'll make 500.000
money $_$ hahahha

macaulay culkin was one of my childhood hero for the role he played on Home Alone, Home Alone 2 and Richie Rich. i used to watch home alone every night before i went to bed hahaha i even remembered some of the dialogue. he was so sweet back then it's a shame that he was arrested for drug possesion back in 2004. he reminds me of my cousin who lives in Melbourne and he looks just like macaulay culkin when he was 10 or something hahaha