mid-week crisis

it's midweek yall it's tuesday hahahaha so wooottt bad news : there's still 3 more days before weekend (well it's not that bad) good news : i go home early tomorrow, and we dont have school for thurs and fridayy asdfghjkl hoooorrrray!!!!!!!!!

anyway i went to one of my 3 choices for high school which is sekolah pelita harapan kemang. it just opened this year and they havent even finished building the facilities yet like the gym and the place where you do the music concert kind of thing hahaha. it has 8 levels omg hahaha and it has 5 labs each for bio, physics, kimia, general something and food tech. 25-metre indoor swimming pool and an outdoor mini soccer court i guess bcs guess what the basketball court isnt ready until next yrrrrr.
they only have 18 teachers for now
and the marketing guy said there r only 12 students for year 9 yall.
go figure.

right, about the school fee. it's really really expensive 12 millions a month more or less. die hahahahaha
i think i'm not going to go there uh i wouldnt really do that to my parents, wasting so much money on school. i dont even know if i'm going overseas for uni bcs i think they wont let me hahaha

after that i went to kemchicks kemang for the first time. hell man i was like in heaven or something when i saw the meat section. i mean i felt like i was in Whole Foods or something. whole foods is like this supermarket i saw in Top Chef tv show and it's so big and asdfghjkl tempting man hahaha
i ate chicken picatta which i planned to make. it's pretty good but after i ate it i don't think i'll make em. i bought lamb chop, striploin, chicken katsu, chicken wings, beef lasagna hahaha it's like i haven't eaten for monthsssssss
bye. hahahaha

here are the funny pictures i found in tumblrrr

reality sux man
this is unfortunately truee

i dont agree with the last sentence "but everything just sucks right now"
bcs it doesnt really suckk right now. well a bit. but anyway i just agree with the first sentence in which you have to deal with my shit crap poops whatever you want to call it everyday hahahaha

new york minute is classic's mary kate and ashley ddddude it was one of my childhood movie hahahaha i really like this film it rockzzz
oh and because i used to love mary kate so much (i still like her till today although not as much as i used to) , i imitated her smile.
i failed but my dad said he missed my marykate-y smile hahahaha bcs i cant do it again nowwww
it's bad. i had it bad. hahahahahha