i hope he or she or whoever it is inside will be happy once they know and they are able to appreciate you as a mom. They don't know how lucky they are.

i miss you, i miss all the late nights watching Survivor, House or all kinds of TV shows.
i miss all the late snacks we had at night, the melted chocolate brownies, the macaroni schotel, all the cheetos.
i miss all the talks, tickles and moments we shared together throughout the years.

i know you're not moving out soon. but i don't think you realize we're not as close as we were. you had other priorities and although you said i can come and go to your
room, i know our relationship will be different from now on. once you're gone, i'm lost. you moved on with your life, and i haven't.
you pretend like everything is back to normal, while it's not at all.

i miss you a lot sis. i just hope i could go back and turn the time. i never realized how special those time with you until we stopped having quality time (watching movies,late snacks,blablabla) almost every night for the past 3 years.
i'll miss you. and please stop pretending like nothing's changed,okay?nothing is ever the same.