victorinox knife

welcome to the family, signaturelite silvertech victorinox!
what should i name you?
bought this in lucerne for 33 euro and i engrave my name on the knife
and the funny thing is the machine that engrave the knife was broken because the bule who operated the machine didn't know how to use it hahaha so she had to take a new knife abis itu on second try a part of the machine was like pecah or something gitu hahahaha jadi dia manggil caini pipel who knows how to operate the machine and in no time the knives (yes, my sister and brother bought one too but my sister's red and my brother's transparent red) are good to go hahahaha
i've been inseparable ever since with this knife hahaha when i'm bored i would play with it abis itu gunting-gunting kertas, nulis-nulis gitu ahahahaha
so not importantt