bosen? butuh hiburan?

masak aja!!!!!!!!!!!

i already made the plan to make poffertjes last night because i had bought the pan and it would be a waste not to use it and it's not like my brother would spare time to make poffertjes anytime soon. so, yeah, after breakfast, not knowing what to do, i made it with my mbak who is always patient listening to all my ideas hahaha so this is step-by-step to make poffertjes and it's pretty easy so you should make it if you like cooking and have free time it only takes me 15 minutes to prep and 30 minut
es to cook it

this is what you need
flour, i used segitiga biru although i should've used cakra karena lebih ngembang gitu but i didnt have it at the moment and my mbak said it's okay to use segitiga biru yaudah deh hahaha i use 250 gram but i don't have scale so i use measure cup to measure 250 gram : 250 ml hahaha

milk. i used 150 mL for this time. harusnya 300 mL but i'm afraid it would be too encer so i used half of it and it works well :)

2 eggs and lemon but i didnt have lemon so i used jeruk nipis hahaha

and you should add salt, sugar, and a little water

done? now let's go to the next step

mix all the dry and wet ingredients in a bowl, the flour, eggs, milk, salt, sugar, lemon, etc.
plug in an electric mixer turn it on and mix it until it's good to go

it should look like this. you should see if it's too watery or too thick. if it's too water-y you probably should add some flour and if it's too thick you should add milk/water. check if it tastes good. add some sugar if the mixture doesn't taste sweet enough although usually chocolate syrup or castor sugar is added on top of the poffertjes as a topping

got the mixture right? okay let's move on

turn on your stove and put your pan on top of it. the fire should be small, you don't want to burn your to-be poffertjes. the pan itself should be just a little bit cekung and not too much (bahasanya yallah) because the inside of the poffertjes might not be done while on the outside it's already burnt if the pan is too cekung.
put butter on the pan just like in the picture and put the mixture in!
you probably need just a tablespoon of it for a poffertjes, i only use the inner circle of the pan to cook the poffertjes because i'm afraid if i use the outer of it the fire wouldn't be hot enough

mine looked like a mini pancake although the ones i've seen in volendam doesnt look like this hm i wonder what's wrong. it tastes pretty good though. flip it once it's brown and put it on a plate once it's done on both sides.

not as good as in the netherlands but it's pretty good hahaha sprinkle the castor sugar on top of it, put a slice of butter, drizzle it with chocolate syrup, eat it with strawberries and you're good to go!