it's friday the 13th

thank God it's friday!

adam young, owl city
he is the heart, the soul, the voice, the whatever-it-is-you-want-to-call of OWL CITY. he may not be as hawtt or sexy as gabe saporta and the gang, but seeing the look on his face makes you calm you know. and the music he makes, is just...magical.

Gabriel Eduardo Saporta, Cobra Starship
This, my friend, is the gabe saporta, the vocalist of Cobra Starship, 'nuff said.

John O' Callaghan, The Maine.
Just knew him recently because I love the single "Into Your Arms" and checked the band out in wikipedia and found him hahaha

Nick Santino, A Rocket To The Moon
Last but obviously not least, is Nick Santino. I think I like him more than Gabe or John O'Callaghan or Adam Young. He is, after all, Nick Santino of ARTTM, my favorite band of all time.