music is the escape of reality

i may not know and like some of the indie bands
i prefer the mainstream ones
to be honest,
i've never heard of cobra starship before good girls go bad
i've never heard of train before hey soul sister
3oh!3 before starstrukk
taylor swift before love story
owl city before fireflies
boys like girls before love drunk
or the maine before into your arms
but i love them now, so it doesn't really matter
i have never been to a music concert my whole life
sometimes i feel lost without my ipod
it's hard to find someone who share the same taste of music,
and when i do, i will blab to them about it
about how great their songs are,
asking have you heard this, have you heard that,
and sing their songs on the top of our lungs
i will open their wikipedia page to see their songs
and read about their biography
especially a rocket to the moon hahahahaha :p

i don't even know why i'm posting about this. it's so random hahahaha.
i have no school today because it's the first day of fasting for the Moslems.