8-2 last day's photos

so these are the photos from my last day with 8-2. above are the photo of the whole class. with pak nico, he is our english teacher. i took 2 photos of the whole class but the other photo is under-exposure so i don't post it here :( i have edited it though, and it looked alright hehe.

please feel free to full view the photos, enjoy!

this is my classmate for like a month hahaha. his name is lahabra but we call him brea. he is extremely mischievous. if there is one thing i learnt from brea, that is not to put so much pressure on the paper when i'm writing. see, i usually write with so much pressure that the table is shaking hahahahaha. and brea doesn't seem to like my habit very much hahaha

hahaha this is me and my classmates

this is me, dinda, kia and samuel hahaha. i don't know why but i think dinda is kinda funny in this picture haha

yeah, me and my girlfriends.

this was taken after school, we were waiting for bu lusi our math teacher bcs some of us were doing remedial haha

WE LOVE JUSTIN BIEBERRRR!!!!!!!!! or is it just me and dinda hahaha

BANGSAWAN!!!!!!! brea actually looked like one haha

doing 'family shoots' with the girlsssss hahahaha