i have always had interest in books. i like reading books because it makes me feel peace and i could have my own imagination. okay enough of the bullshtz haha i like spy/detective/action books the most of course. my first book of that genre was probably famous five. the writer is enid blyton. her books are so amazing!!!!!! it's like, i could imagine everything she wrote in the book. the kirrin island, finniston farm, uncle quentin, everything!haha lol lebay abess

and then i started to read other spydetectiveaction books. the second was probably alex rider by anthony horowitz. TO ALL OF YOU WHO LOVE SPY-DETECTIVE-ACTION BOOKS, YOU MUST READ ALEX RIDER. really. it was that good. alex rider is 14-year-old teenage spy working for mi5, it's like british intelligence, i think. my favorite books are the 3rd, skeleton key, the 5th, scorpia, and the 7th, snakehead. and you knw what, my sister told me there's a new book of alex riderrrrrr and guess what???she's already bought it aa cant wait

then, there are....a lot of books. let's see, the mysterious benedict society by trenton lee stewart, cherub series by robert muchamore, a book called death run by jack higgins and justin richards, hm cant really remember. oiya the last time i went to singapore, i bought 13 books and 8 of them are *sigh* spy-detective-action books haha parah bgt

tapi gua juga suka buku2 lain kaya meg cabot's jinx, teen idol, the mediator series, anehnya gua gagitu suka the princess diaries series gatao knp haha sophie kinsella gua suka shopaholic series, can you keep a secret, twenties girl, gtgt. trs ally carter gua jg suka gallagher girls series cmn gatralu sih biasa aja. oiya abis itu gua jg suka young bond yg seri paling baru judulnya by royal command. bahasanya british bgt huu

oke dah. kayanya bosen ya liat bacotan gua mulu haha see ya guys