current addiction

doh. they're like so hot. 
robert pattinson is more like..cool
and taylor lautner is more like..hot
kellan lutz? just a bittt of both haha
the point is, they're hot. 

boys like girls hm i love thunder and two is better than one
i like love drunk too. their songs are very entertaining :)

got one near school. i love it i love the slurpee 
and hot choc and teh tarik

ncis!! cant get enough of it
currently watching season 6. i think ncis' best season is season 3.
if you like csi, you might want to watch this. it's like navy csi,
the name is similar but ncis is actually stands for
 naval criminal investigative service

i really like owl city i even put one of the songs in my video 
my favorite songs are the book and the worm, dental care and cave in