my own la la land

Pake basa inggeulis gpp ya hehe

first heard about it from dinda haha i think her lalaland was disney world with rainbow thing hm and i decided to make one.my la la land is disney world with a ship or hot air balloon covered in clouds and i would have a beautiful field filled with green grass and blue lakes where i could dive with my friends then, a cow. i dreamt about having a farm it would be such a pleasant,nice,peaceful la la land but what makes it alive is the disney world.oyeah,i will bring florida's disney world to my la la land hahah but it wont be complete without my pals of course.i will invite dinda kia tiara chacha tomi keva aaron sastia bunga tasya carina astrid etc to my la la land!open at anytime!

i guess my imagination went too far haha i'll go to sleep now everybody,no more blogging etc byee

me missing tarlim011 to jogja ♥ love you all