i want to buy myself a christmas gift yea that sort of thing. i want to buy myself a lomo!
here i put some types of lomo. im looking for under than 1 million rupiah lomo because, probably i have to buy it with my own money. because my dad is like "buat apa sih lomo?masih bagusan slr"

the queen of all multi-lensed cameras
4-lensed camera with two shutter speeds to choose :
4 photos in 2 seconds or 4 photos in 0.2 seconds

the camera looks like this
hasilnya seperti yang diatas
(photo was taken from http://microsites.lomography.com/supersampler/galleries/moveyourcamera)
harga kira-kira Rp 645k

2) fisheye no.2
captures nearly 180 degrees of your surrounding environment
the best compact fisheye ever conceived

photo was taken from alfredkoh.wordpress.com

price approximately 800k --black and 945k -- white

3) oktomat 8-lens

Lomo with 8-in-1 lens. One push of the shutter button releases all 8 mini-lenses, in serial succession, over 2.5 seconds with 8 consecutive photos on a print.

Something missing about oktomat 8-lens. Look at the body below.

No flash. No built-in flash. So this type of camera is for daylight or overcast weather. The first time I knew lomography which is probably a year ago, I crave this one very much!

photo was taken from bettaviteka.blogspot.com

price is approximately Rp 550k

or probably..........

4) lomolitos

photo was taken from geeksugar.com

this one is with built-in flash.single use camera. the lens is focus-free and it's waterproof. this camera is with 35 mm lens :) perfect for beginner.

price approximately Rp155k

which one do you prefer? please tell me via twitter @mchelleking or msn if you know mine :) thanks a lot!

today is 1st day exam. pkn bisa tp bio agak struggle hehe tmorrow is history and phsyics so wish me luck love you all