Up and About

Hi people! I don't know what urges me to blog at this ungodly hour while I have 2 finals tomorrow, civics and deutsche. I think I will regret my decision tomorrow, but now I want to share what's up and about!

I miss basketball
Been a while since the last time and chances are I will go back to court in August, still 3 months away!

Cut my bangs, again! The last time was in junior high school and I thought I'd do it again. Bangs are much more difficult to take care of.

Random collage I made for computer assignment. 

Healthy and unhealthy side by side.
I ate indomie 2 days before exam, well I have this superstitious feeling that I shouldn't eat instant noodles if there are exams coming. But don't worry, mango and guava slices will balance the noodle out!

My friend from Jogja, Dinda, sent me this photo of postcards. You cannot imagine how frustrated I was when I saw this because those are way too cool to begin with. I was speechless. Turns out, we share this same obsession towards something vintage.

And the last one is my wall. Uh, well it has been blank for as long as I can remember and I've always wanted to decorate my room by painting it but I'm just too lazy to do so. So I printed out some photos and find some instax photos and gluetack became my friend to do this.

Okay, I start to yawn. Better go nowwwww or I will oversleep during finals tomorrow.