Hula! Another postcard arrived when I got home today from school. I was like jumping up and down when I saw another postcard arrived. This one is from Koln, a beautiful city in Germany. I have been there and I really like this city! There's something about receiving, and also sending postcards, a feeling that you won't get elsewhere.
When I send something, I thought of how many people it takes for a card to get to another country, may it take days or weeks. How the other person at the destination feels when a postcard arrives. The hope that it will arrive, no matter how long it will take (I have sent a postcard from Bali in March that hasn't arrived until now).
Then when it arrives, well, people who do these things know how it feels, for sure. So, I have 5 postcards travelling right now, which means I can't send more and I can't receive any for the time being. Well fingers crossed that they will be received (and registered) soon so I can receive more surprises!
I believe I should be getting back to math right now, as I have test tomorrow and have not touched the book. At all. 

Until next time then peeps!