exam's over, brightspot, and sewing machine.

hiiiii everyone hahah so we, junior high school students, have finally finished all the exams (national, practical, school, whatever) and we are officially free! well we still have to go to school on 13th and kelulusan and things but other than that we can do whatever we want. it's a really tiring day and we had foto angkatan dan it takes A LOT of energy.
anywaay, today i went to brightspot. i don't know how to describe brightspot, but they have local and international boutique and the stuffs they sell are so cute. they have brightspot once every 3 months and this brightspot i attended today is like their 2 years anniversary. they moved the event for every brightspot to different malls like plaza indonesia, grand indonesia, pacific place, etc. this is the first time i've ever been to brightspot, and let me tell you this. I'M STOKED. i literally can't stop walking around the house since 4 in the afternoon hahaha. i got the invitation for the opening party from juju, his sister is a designer of NOONIO (it's a menswear clothing line but they just released womenswear recently). i went there with ayu and keva. IT WAS HECTIC. i wanted to go to cotton ink's but it was packed. so we just went around and around brightspot for several times. i felt like the most unfashionable person in this whole event. we stopped once in a while to look at something (mostly done by me). i and ayu stopped when we saw this red pumps keren bgt but it's 465rb nuh uh too expensive. and finally i got something. a pastel green and white stripes tank top for 105rb. i really like it so i bought it that is the only thing i bought though haha. keva really likes this skinny pants and i think it will look good on him but it costs 430rb so he didnt buy it. but i did pick up few brochures here and there so i can visit their stores online. here's few :


anyway i just read evita nuh's blog, she is one of rare young fashion blogger..and also one of my favorite. she's just 12 years old but she knows what she wants. from what i read she's interested in fashion and she will launch her own fashion line. not every 12 years old can do that, even with the right opportunity and money, most kids these days would just...i dont know, watch tv all the time or something.
so bottom line is, she inspires me. i decided that this summer i want to learn how to sew using sewing machine. my sister bought a sewing machine few years ago but we never found out how to operate it, so i'm planning to learn how to use it. if a 12-year-old girl can do it, kenapa gua gabisa? *optimissss*

ok then enough venting for a dayy see you soon!

p.s : brightspot masih buka sampe tgl 1 mei jd kalo mau kesana buruaaan haha