narnia and exams.


well i have one more exam which is religion and then i have remedial for math bcs my score is 5,75 eee

and i was shocked bcs i got 7,80 for english. that is just unacceptable. i kept complaining yesterday bcs i feel like i can do the test and i expect my score to be minimal of 8,50. turns out not. i'm dumber than i think i am. but enough complaining, from the bright side, at least my score isn't so bad that i have to do the remedial. and i have pretty much good score on the other subjects.
anyway i reallllllly really miss biking. it's been like........ eons ago since the last time i biked.
and i just watched narnia last night, and i just feel the movie is such a huge disappointment. if you hvn't watched narnia and afraid you might read spoilers (bcs it does contain spoilerss) , stop reading here. and see you in the next post hahaha

Reasons why Narnia is such a disappointment :

1. Peter and Susan Pevensie are only cameo in this film. they only appeared for..30 seconds or something. i do miss them
2. Aslan is also not the main character. He appeared for about 3-5 minutes at the end of the film and a few minutes when he talked to Lucy.
3. Lucy has grown up. the cute lucy with the short hair is gone and replaced with the all gracious, brave blahblahblah lucy. it's not all bad i'm just sort of disappointed that's it.
4. The quality of the movie itself. i watched the movie in 3D and the colors in the movie were so mild. kyk hambar gitu loh ngeliatnya. the first narnia movie (the chronicles of narnia : the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe) which i love sooooooooo muchhh is so bright kaya merah biru ijo coklat gitugitu nya bener bener keliatan bgt gitu kaya contrast jd ga ngebosenin ngeliatnya.
5. Most of the scenes were on the ship. ya sekali kali sih ke daratan cuman ya keseringan di kapal.
6. Berantem nya gak seru, it only involved spears, edmund's sword and bow&arrow. this is what you call a fight?
7. Musuh nya gak jelas siapa.... who the hell is "the green mist" ? maksudnya kan kalo yang narnia pertama jelas kan musuhny itu si the white witch, yang kedua juga bener. but this.
8. The rat will not be in the next movie. Find out why by watching the movie.
9. The next movie, the chronicles of narnia : the silver chair, will be played by Eustace, the pevensies' cousin because Lucy and Edmund are too old to go to Narnia. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

it's not a complain yall it's just a critique.
if you have watched the first movie, you'll understand what i'm talking about.

From the bright side, the only positive thing i saw in the movie is :
Skandar Keynes looks adorable.

bye, have a nice weekend!