the final bbq ok this is getting irrelevant

so the indonesia-malaysia final game is on and it's on minute 70-ish. i don't have much hope, but nasuha, through bustomi's assist, managed to get a goal so it's 1-1, not that it makes much difference bcs indonesia has to get 4 goals to win i'm not saying it's impossible, it's just really really difficult bcs it's 20 minutes-ish left. ugh. hence, i have to say that malaysia's goalkeeper is doing a really really good job against indonesia, so is safee. my dad said we lack of quality i said we really should be throwing 3kgs elpiji gas on malaysia's goalkeeper hahahaha ~irrelevant~

i was suggesting to my mom to do barbeque for new year's eve, i mean there's just only the 6 of us so it shouldn't be really hard to do bbq party but my mom strongly suggests that we go out for nye's dinner, so yeah. i made a mental note to do bbq party when i grow up and made all the sauce and kebabs and burgers and that thangs :( i guess i'll just cook for myself *foreeeever alooneee* ahahahaha

HEY THE SCORE IS 2-1 well it (still) doesn't do much difference, does it? tp lumayanlah setidaknya ga malu malu in go garuda fights back!