christmas' tmi

  • i didn't get any presents not that my family gave me presents on christmas day, i just feel more sad every year that i didn't get anything from my family/friends <<<<< not that they really care about me
  • i spent my christmas at the hospital bcs my mom was sick. well at least from the bright side we got to spend it together, probably many kids want to spend their christmas with their family but their parents are too busy
  • i still haven't got time to go cut my hair i can't even look at it it's rlly bad
  • malaysia beat indonesia 3-0 in AFF cup you should go f yourself malaysian ugh why
  • abi, you know...... he.........uh.........how to say this i cant even *cries*
  • and other than hospital, i spent my christmas in bed and on this secret religious cult called tumblr and because i have told you about this tumblr thing you should shut up
  • i don't have any idea what to do on new year eve probably tumblr and ipod
the good thing is i'm still breathing so that's good :)