whats the point...

...of having no school in wednesday only to go to school again on thurs?

WELL I SHOULD STOP COMPLAINING RIGHT NOW i should be grateful that between this year 9 riot i get a day off. off the tests, homeworks, and things (not that i do my homework often haha) i get 12-24 hours in peace. (when i was in yr 8, school was really easy and no big deal and on the 2nd term, our school was busy preparing the yr 9 for national exam, thats why we are sort of "abandoned" and we got many day off from school)

well maybe not in peace, considering i just had karaoke with my basketball teammates using the money we won from tarpat $ $ $ because we decided it wouldn't be much if we divided the money for 11 of us, so we decided to do things together. we met up at pim on 5 or so but we started karaoke-ing from 6. we had a blasttttttt

this is really corny, i know. and cheesy.
but i don't care man, it was really really fun. me and natha got one of the highest score when we sang dancing queen by ABBA, but we got defeated by keong racun which got 92. THAT IS NOT FAIR YAWLL . anyway, we sang a lot of song and took a lot of photos. we sang kopi darat, justin bieber's songs, agnes monica's, abdul&the coffee theory, maliq&d'essentials, and tembang-tembang lawas from the 80s.

oh and i wore my reebok shoes i bought in belgium, but i didn't get the chance to wear it in jakarta until today bcs i'm afraid the shoes will get dirty (it was made from suede ok. i have alibi).

it all started when i went to funworld to play basketball. i didn't feel comfrortable wearing the watch while playing bsktball so i took it off and place it ON TOP of my bag, and not INSIDE the bag (michelle's dumbness no.1 million) i didn't realize i left my watch at funworld until 30 minutes later or so. i went to the bookstore and left it with chacha and evel, when i realized my right wrist (i wore it there) is empty.
i realized immediately that i left my watch in funworld so i went back there, and looked for it around the basketball thingy.
i had no luck. i panicked. and then this man with his daughter, who played bsktball in the next machine, asked me what am i looking for. i said i was looking for my watch.
he didn't know how much it meant for me, that watch. i was saying thank you repeatedly and i said "Tuhan memberkati bapak" which means God bless you.
this, man, is one of the people in jakarta who is still honest and care about other ppl. well, maybe if i didn't arrive at funworld in time, he might have taken my watch. but i did arrive in time, and he is really nice to give me back my watch.
if that man need money or if he was mean, he could've said he didn't see it anywhere although he had the watch.

i beg God to give the man happiness, wealthy, healthiness, peace for him and his family.

so sleepy,
xo bye!