today is saturday, again. why the heck the time goes by so fasttt? it's been a week since i made the pizza and today i'm making my first ever mac n cheese.
everybody says that mac n cheese is a comfort food, i'm just curious how it tastes like. so i look up on the internet about the recipe and make this


you'll need

2 ounces of macaroni
my mbak bought this in the traditional market for only 2000 rupiah while in ranch market, something like this could be 20.000 rupiah or more!
milk. you can use the full cream or 2% thingy but this is what i have so i use the full cream.

cheddar cheese. i use kraft. actually we also need parmesan cheese but i can't find it anywhere and when i found them in ranch market they were like 70.000 rupiah so i use kraft singles instead for replacing the parmesan.
i am not happy about this, but kraft singles will have to do.

this is si item holding up a bag of breadcrumbs.

smoked beef!
i dont want my mac n cheese to be plain and all that so i add this.

you will also need :
flour - butter (lots of it) - cheese grater -

this is how :

slice the smoked beef. i prefer bigger cuts for the beef.

grate the cheddar, slice the singles.

so this is how you make the cheese sauce. it's the most important element about this whole mac n cheese thingy.
first of all, melt a lot of butter, like 3 tablespoons.
then put the flour 1/2-1 cup.
add the milk.
stir stir stir and then add the cheese, both of them.
stir again until the sauce is thick.
do this in medium-low heat.
if the sauce is way too thick, add more milk. mine was wayyyy too thick so i had to add more and more and more milk. if the sauce is too watery, add some flour.
taste it if the cheese is enough, the sauce is pretty thick, then it's all good.
turn off the stove.

we had misunderstanding, my mbak and i. i thought my mbak said i was to put half of the macaroni in the casserole dish, and she put the sauce, and i put half of the macaroni again and she put the sauce again. get it? turns out she told me to just...dump it all in because if the cheese sauce is not poured on top of the macaroni quickly, it will thicken again which is bad bcs you have to add more milk.

so just a suggestion for you if you're making this, dump the macaroni and smoked beef in the casserole dish before you make the sauce. oh and don't forget to put butter on the pyrex/casserole dish so the mac n cheese will not stick to it.
by the way, this looks reaaaaaaaally good.

your mac n cheese should look like this when you've covered the macaroni with the cheese sauce.
then it's time to make the breadcrumbs. first, melt a tablespoon of butter.
then put about 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs.
cook until it's yellow-brown ish
sprinkle it on top of the mac n cheese and then

it's ready to be bakeeddd. the recipe told me to bake it on 175 celcius for 30 minutes but instead i baked it for almost an hour! maybe because their oven is like that huge gigantic oven you find on restaurant hahaha

it may not look that good, but it sure does taste good.

i declare this project mac n cheese a success!
and this is really a comfort food, it's not that hard to make. really.

happy weekend everyone, by the way i'm going to catch 5.30 harry potter movie with the ABCs. so excited!