so i have 3 tests tomorrow, which are physics, history and english. and i also have basketball match to attend tomorrow, well the match is supposed to be played today but because it rained (and yesterday, and yesterday, and...) so the match is delayed until tomorrow at the ungodly hour of 8.30 am. right. and the school is in rawamangun which is in another part of the country (i'm just exaggerating) asdfghjkl i have missed so many school hours this month and i'm not ready to sacrifice physics, history and english tests not to forget the math remedial i haven't done yet today. sux 2 b me.

*i have history and english for the 7th and 8th period tomorrow*
*right so what*

and i watched RED today. which is okay because there's bruce willis. although the movie is somehow ridiculous, i like it because it takes my mind off things for a while not for very long though hahaha. yes, i know, 3 tests, 1 bball match and yet i still have time for a 2 hours movie. how come? hahaha magical. not.

omgomgomg you have to know this. my mom dad and sister talked me into going to international school for a change. my sister said it would be too boring if i go to another tarakanita school. and she said if she could turn back time, she would go to international school. ugh, with this, i announced that i have been brainwashed because what she said actually makes me want to go to int'l school. i haven't decided yet though. my choice for high school is still pulor, sph kemang and raffles. this is complicated. ha.

there should have been "BASKETBALL MATCH" somewhere around the triangle.....

yesterday's traffic jam was really really really bad like you can't imagine even if you try. it was raining really hard and there's flood at some places in jakarta. for example,
my sister's high school, tarakanita 1, located in pulo raya, had 2,5 metres flood yesterday. about 3o people was trapped and they couldn't get out.
my friend, whose home is in semanggi, spent 7 hours on the road from 5 til 12 midnight to reach her home. she's lucky the gas didn't run out.
my dad, whose office is 3 minutes away from my home, spent 1 hour on the road

what is happening with this world, really? f the weather, the cars, it annoys me!

sorry for all the non-sense post today. gah, i just need to vent hahahaha