i don't even know what to say

okay today is reaaaaally tiring because i finally decided to play the bball match in tarpat. my friends went there at 7.30 am bcs they played the 8.30's match. me and tiara didn't play the 8.30 bcs both of us have tests that day *i know it's really selfish to abandon them for tests but i have missed so many tests i don't want to delay* so me and tiara went to tarpat to play for the 1 pm match which is really really sunny and hot and humid and deadly and things. we played against tarsat. which we suck at it because we lost 26-22.
this really really sux bcs we have led 22-20 and there's 10 seconds left in the quarter. i guess we are all too tired and kinda lazy bcs we're sure we've won i guess, our opponent got the ball and i was defending the one who carried the ball, who passed the ball to her teammate, and there's no one to guard her.



luckily we got the third place by ONE POINT. YES PEOPLE, ONE POINT, SETENGAH BOLA. natha and tiara had injury so does astrid evel and me because we are all really tired. natha's toes was even a little blue! it's really terrifying. and i was freaking out because there are no center. and suddenly the whistle blew and the match is done and we won!!!!!!!!!!!
asdfghjkl i'm frikinout!

oh and i have religious and computer test tomorrow but i'm really really tired right now my brain doesn't seem to work.
oh and please #prayforindonesia. as you might know, we had 3 disasters in a day which is tsunami in mentawai, flood in jakarta which i had told you yesterday and caused major-mega-huge-massive traffic jam in jakarta and other cities nearby, and volcano eruption in merapi, central java.