meet me halfway

haii hari ini pembagian rapot mid semester 1 which is a little bit sad in a way because it reminds me that my time with tvxi is passing by. nilai rapot gua ga jelek-jelek amat, mat remed 5 fisika 5 dan biologi 3 other than that alhamdulillah tuntas. it'a 3 in the afternoon and i want to tell you what i've been doing today

ngamen buat dana tarlim cup xi !!! kita ngamennya di lobby sekolah (cih lobby) soalnya kalo diatas ga dibolehin gitu mungkin grgr mengganggu proses terima-rapot. lumayan loh dapet 2,1 juta! thanks for the participation dari kelas 7 sampe 9!!! we couldn't have done it without you!

abi got a buzz cut!!!!!!!!!! he looks funny in this picutre hahahaha sok ganteng gitu tampangnya GADHEEENG tiap kali liat ketawa mulu nih hehehehe he looks like anak SD hahaha

i went home at 10.40 and i planned to make nutella thumbprint cookies (althought i failed, a litle.)

this is what you need

1 cup of my reliahle segitiga biru flour.

1 cup of unsweetened coklat bubuk. i got into quite a mess while doing prep for the coklat bubuk. harusnya kan itu kemasan plastik nya digunting gitu kan terus gua bego gua malah buka pake tangan akhirnya muncrat semua kemana-mana (is it possible for coklat bubuk to muncrat?) hahaha gua kaya udah freak out sendiri gitu hahaha
oh and that is putra, he is my mbak's son. he's always been there tiap kali gua bikin sesuatu (bukannya mau nemenin, tapi mau bagi haha)

a tip of teaspoon vanilla extract.

you will also need 2 large yolk/kuning telur (i ended up using all the white eggs too) , 1 cup sugar, a tip of tablespoon salt, 1/2 cup butter and nutella for the topping

i'm a little bit late i just took the photos AFTER i mixed all the ingredients jadi bahan-bahan yang udah dicampur gabisa difoto lagi hahaha

this is the original recipe. i got this from www.recipegirl.com

and of course you will need a trustworthy oven to bake all your cookies.

then mix the flour sugar salt and sugar in a bowl. in another bowl, beat the butter until it's light and fluffy then add the vanilla extract and the eggs, beat it again. add the flour&friends to the butter and beat em again until it looks like...

...this. taste it, is it good? kurang tepung ga? kurang gula? terlalu encer?

putra messing around the kitchen like he owns it. he'll be a great chef someday like his mom which is my mbak hahahaha

olesin tray nya pake mentega terus taro the cookies dough kesini. this is where i failed. gua naro adonannya terlalu deket-deket jadi nya pas mateng itu kaya nempel semua seperti

...ini. see? told 'ya. padahal waktu itu gua udah pernah bikin sekali dan sekali ini lagi which is 2x and i always make the same mistake which is terlalu deket naro adonannya jadi nempel semua gitu pas matengg

oiya di bake nya di 170 derajat Celcius

meanwhile in the other side of the kitchen *it's not like my kitchen is big, i'm just exaggerating hahaha*

my mbak making kare. is curry and kare the same thing? nggak ya kayanya it's just homophonic (pronounced the same but have different meaning) yum yum
ini pasti kolestrol nya banyak karena mengandung santan yang sangat buruk bagi kesehatan *tiba tiba jadi dokter nutrisi*
my mbak doing prep for the best buncis human can ever make in the whole universe, bener ga tuh grammarnya. apparently, my mbak is a ten-arms-alien-who-can-cook-like-a-human because she can cook asem-asem santan buncis dan goreng tahu terus-terusan tanpa berhenti. i don't know, just typing those makes me tired. she is magical hahaha

OH! there's me! hahaha see when i said my kitchen isn't that big, it really isn't. my mbak is just standing over there... while i sat 2 metres away. thia is me and putra joking around while waiting for our cookies to be baked. he loves camera and always asks me to take pictures of him hahaha we even did a dance in the kitchen which i should say hilarious because i had to gendong dia, hold his hand and walk around like a fool hahaha

his very first photoshoot. he's gonna see this in 20 years and he'll laugh. not that i think blogspot will be exist in 20 years but well you get the point.

how about the cookies? seeing the my failed attempt, i bake the remaining dough pake cetakan cupcakes so it stayed in place. it did. it worked. so i can declare PROJECT NUTELLA


until next time,