things that could make me go AHHH...

....food, that is.
before i go on you should know that this is another post filled with endless photos of FOOD. i know that i post about food too much but hey, you could never go wrong with food :)
and if i get paid for loving food, i would probably get rich by now hahahaha
credit for ffffood.tumblr.com and ffood.tumblr.com ahaha great pictures!

ah. hotdogs with the bacon ROLLED on the sausage. mmmmygod.

people, this is an oreo cheesecake pretzel bites
ohmygod i think this would be my next project. probably.

this is a chivito sandwich, Uruguay's national dish.
it contains : steak, mozzarella, bacon, fried egg, cheese, and olive
i love all this ingredients despite all the cholesterol
doh who cares? you're only young once, eat all the cholesterol while you still can ahahaha

both of the pictures above is from an IKEA cooking book called "homemade is best" in English, the original title is in Swedish but i don't remember so..yeah. the book hasn't come out in English yet i think
and maybe the food isn't that great
but look at the way they shoot the food, the way they present it, it looks so attractive and unique

for all the people who are on diet you should probably leave this page now ahahaha this looks so good i don't want to know what's in it (fat, fat, and....fat.) but look at the cheese dripping on the side, the bacon glowing and the crusts on the bread. HIP HIP HURRAY!

this makes me puke. the idea of eating toe-may-toes, lettuce, cucumber IN, not WITH a jell-o disgusts me hahaha

there may be some pictures coming up if i find some cool and yummy pictures ahahahahahaha