new EP by arttm!

a rocket to the moon's newest EP is coming out on october 5th (!!!!) and it's already available for presale on itunes. although i don't think it's going to be a lot more different because 4 out of 5 songs in this EP are their songs from the previous album, Mr.Right, Baby Blue Eyes, Like We Used To and On A Lonely Night. all 4 of them are my favorite songs (which one isn't?!) but the 5th song is "Single Ladies" and i'm not sure if it's like a new song or what hahaha and all the songs in the EP are featuring someone called Larkin Poe. i don't even know who he is hahahahaha
despite my lack of knowledge of larkin poe, i'm anticipating for this album and i'm going to download their songs as soon as it comes out
by the way, the EP is called "the rainy day sessions" (and i don't even know why i should tell you this as it's already written clearly on the album cover hahaha)

tomorrow is friday. ah, enjoy your weekend people. i'm going to spend my precious weekend time in a school program. yeah i hope it would be a change, once for a while. why not? :D