House is like one of my favorite TV show. I haven't watched it from Season 1, but I love it like I love Survivor or Psych or Merlin or The Mentalist hahahaha. Those of you who doesn't know House, you can read it here. I don't remember how I like House, or when. My sister have watched the series from season 1, but I wasn't interested at the moment so I didn't watch it. It turned out to be so cool, because the main character, Dr. House, is unique. Like when you watch it, you'd be like "House is just so annoying, I can't stand him." and the next minute you'd be like "Aw, House is so kind.". One of my favorite things in the series is the friendship between House and Wilson. Oooh I shouldn't have said too much, in case you want to watch the series. Hahahaha, anyway, the reason I write him on my blog is because the quotes. I got some cool quotes from the series. And, Dr.House is a diagnostician, it's a little bit different from doctor haha

"Everybody does stupid things, it shouldn't cost them everything they want in life."

"Patients always want proof, we're not making cars here, we don't give guarantees."

and one of Dr. House's famous quote,

"Everybody lies."


p.s : dr.chase is so cute.